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About the Artist

Tari Sasser is a native of Ohio and resides in an area where unconventional artistic style makes a big splash against a conservative backdrop.
She began her studio based company, Creative Impressions In Clay in 2002.
Tari began making handmade ceramic buttons out of a need from a new internet clothing company.
The company had suggested she make buttons for their line of clothing and a button business was born.
All designs are unique with inspirations from many places.
Every button is handmade from low fire white clay using bright underglazes.
With each button being hand painted they are miniature works of art that can be worn, used in jewelry, sewing or felting projects, or as embellishments on many different items.
You are only limited by your imagination as to the many uses of Tari's buttons.
Tari loves the process of pottery and has been perfecting her technique for over 20 years.
She always provides excellent craftsmanship to her many collectors.
Her products can be found in shops across the US.
She is currently expanding to different markets via the internet. Uniquely different, every piece of art is an original.
She currently resides in Liberty Township, Ohio (burbs of Cincinnati) with her husband and children.
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