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Goddess Button Collection

I love this collection! They take a long time to create with all the many colors, but they are well worth it.
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Copyright :: Creative Impressions In Clay/Tari Sasser 2010

Goddess Collection Buttons
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GDS1-Rheia, Mother Goddess Button $12.50
GDS2-Morpheus, God of Dreams Button $16.50
GDS3-Tyche, Goddess of Fortune Button $16.50
GDS4-Nemesis, Goddess of Retribution Button $12.50
GDS5-Athena, Goddess of Wisdom Button $12.50
GDS6-Eirene, Goddess of Peace Button $12.50
GDS7-Gaia, Earth Goddess Button $12.50
GDS8-Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture/Fertility Button $16.50
GDS9-Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld Button $16.50
GDS10-Hesperus, Evening Star Button $8.50
GDS11-Selene, Goddess of the Moon Button $16.50
GDS12-Nyx, Goddess of the Night Button $16.50
GDS13-Hypnos, God of Sleep Button $8.50
GDS14-Goddess Bless You Button $8.50
GDS15-Thank Goddess Button $8.50
This collection of Buttons is only available with a gloss glaze.

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